Thursday, July 24, 2014

Origami Creations - King of the Jungle

A great feeling of accomplishment when I finally was able to fold another awesome model by the great japanese origamist - Satoshi Kamiya.  After making his octopus, elephant and then his little bird, I couldn't resist myself to continue and try more of his works. 

Here is my rendition of his Lion model.

The shaping of the mane may need further improvement but overall I am quite satisfied with the raw result of my fold.

Hope you liked it!  Have a nice day!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Origami Creations - Lovely Cat by Edwin Corrie

There is an origamist by the name of Edwin Corrie that I totally love.  Reason being that his designing style is simple and the folding sequence is quite smooth and practical.  To top it off, the result is impressive!

This is his cat model from an uncut square sheet of paper.  A very interesting fold and hope you liked it.

Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Origami Creations - Cool Box Pleating Designs

I was so enamored by a box pleating origami model by a master origamist in the name of Tomohiro Tachi.  Check out his flickr account here.

I don't usually fold using this technique which is normally applied to make complex human form designs, but this one is a great exception.

Super cool
This model is from an uncut square sheet of paper and you may find the tutorial here by another origamist, Mr. Peter Stein.

Mr. Stein also made a variation called "Cheers" (red wine and wine glass) but this time from a rectangular paper.  

Extra Cool
He also made a tutorial here.  

Hope you try this works and frame them.  They will surely impress your family and friends!

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More info:

Tomohiro Tachi Website

Monday, July 7, 2014

Origami Creations - Folding Nemo the Clownfish (小丑魚)

Just re-watched "Finding Nemo" the other day which led me to dig out my origami box for the clown fishes which I have folded long before.

I am a big fan of origami models with color changes and one of this challenge can be encountered with the clown fish.

First catch is Roman Diaz's clownfish.


Next catch is Katrin Shumakov's (Oriland) design. 

Clown on Clown
I remember making one by a famous Korean origamist Seo Won Seon (redpaper) but couldn't find it now.  Guess that is the one that got away :-(.

Hope you enjoyed these models and have a wonderful week!

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Origami Design and Creations - My Muttley Dog Earrings

Due to insistent public (my daughters) demand, I was requested to make "Muttley dog" earrings.  This is actually the origami design I made and blogged here.  

I haven't made earrings before but seems quite an interesting challenge.

After a weeks of viewing "how-to" youtube tutorials, I set-off to buy me my tools and materials.

And here is my finished product ...

Cute, huh?

So very glad that the public liked it.  They said its fun, unique and adorable.

Well, they should like it as it is limited edition and made specially by their loving and cool Dad.

Have a wonderful day!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Origami Creations - Lovely and Amazing Little Bird

As I continue to clean my box of old folds I came upon a favorite one ... the little bird by the famous japanese origamist Satoshi Kamiya.  

This is an awesome model as it is designed with the bottom part closed. I remember to have been pausing a lot of times especially on the shaping. 

Here it is:

My very tame birdie

I and my family really enjoyed the finished model and the impressive photo.

Hope you liked it too!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Origami Creations - The Great Master Neil Elias

I have long wished to fold a Neal Elias origami design and was quite fortunate enough to get hold of one of  his famous work - the Boy on a Rocking Horse.

Super cool

This model is from an uncut square sheet of paper which was a little bit difficult to shape due to its thickness in some areas.  

Overall result is just pure beauty!

Have a wonderful week!

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More Info:

Neil Elias Wikipedia

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