Friday, May 1, 2015

Origami Creations - Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

The amazing spiderman ... this was really a fun and exciting fold with its cool color change and shaping.  Model is designed by the spanish origamist Juan Fran Carillo.  Check out his flickr account here and be mesmerized.

Super dope paper fold
I couldn't find a dual color paper so I ended up coloring the blue portion (quite crudely).  At first, I was unhappy with the result but after further shaping, curling, twisting and paper clipping ... seems it turned out quite surprisingly good!

Below is another photo trying to make spidey hang from a building in Hongkong :-).

Spidey at rest
So liking this fold so much ... hope you all do too!  Happy weekend!

- 0 -

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