Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Origami Creations - Sheep and more sheeps

My fondness for sheeps and goats still so strong with more adorable models and designs which I could not resist but make them.

Here they are ...

Excellent shaping and proportions
First off ... sheep by the awesome japanese origamist Hideo Komatsu.  As usual, it has an impressive folding sequence and a great color change.  What do you think?

Nice massive horns
Second is by Seth Friedman ... the photo would speak for itself.  Again, he freely shares his design through the video tutorial below:

Cool design

Thirdly ... the classic sheep design by the japanese origamist Jun Maekawa.  A tutorial is also available below for your folding pleasure.

Finally, below is another simple sheep by another japanese origamist Usada Takayuki.  I enjoyed the folding sequence and shaping for this model.  You should try it!

For this sheep, you can download the diagrams here.

You should have a busy sheep week if you would take up the challenge of making these great origami designs.

Good luck!

- 0 - 

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