Friday, January 8, 2016

Origami Creations - Save the Dolphins

Another challenging and a beautiful model of fishes or rather sea creatures is the dolphin.  

In my search for a great design, I found this awesome color change model by the famous korean origamist Seo Won Seon aka redpaper.  He is a very creative origamist who has a wide range of designs together with his wife - whitepaper.  Cool names, huh?  

You may check his Flickr account here and be amazed.  Below are my leaping dolphins.

Leaping dolphins under the moon
Here is another cool dolphin fold by the japanese origamist Fuchimoto Muneji.

Unmistakably cool folding technique 
As I was making them, it reminded me of the plight of the japanese dolphins during the annual hunt in Taiji.  Below is my artistic intepretation. 

Heartbreaking :-(
If you want to know more about this, I have added a video below (this may be disturbing to some viewers, discretion is advised).

Wish everyone a great weekend!

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