Friday, February 5, 2016

Origami Creations - Cats and Lego Pirate

Other than origami, I also enjoy playing Lego.  The thrill of assembling and creating Lego is another way for me to relax and  practice mindfulness :-).

Lately though, I haven't bought any Lego set as they are quite expensive.  So, I just have to settle and play with my old ones.

Shoot 'em Cats.  Har, Har, Har!
This simple design by the japanese origamist Gen Hagiwara is a cool one.  It's action pose is playful so I just got to shoot it down by Captain Jack Sparrow.

Poised and so queenly
I found this second cat fold in my box and could not remember when I made this.  Though it seem elongated it looks quite avant garde to me and well worth the mention in my blog (sans the pirates).  Well, surely it will just snob them :-).

Have a great weekend!

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