Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Origami Creatons - Wild Boar vs Pigs

From a biological perspective, boars and pigs are members of the same domesticated species.  However, the two are physically distinct and differ in their impact on the environment and their use of their habitat.

Although the wild boars are considered environmental nuisance and considered as pest, the flipside is that they are more intelligent and their meat is considered more superior than their farm-raised brothers.

To clearly show a wild boars' physical form, I have folded this model by the origami master Roman Diaz.

Trim, Strong and Alert with Tusk 
Now for the domesticated pig, here is Gen Hagiwara's design.  

Chubby, Round and more meaty :-)
Obviously both have distinct qualities and indeed both designs are impressively great (and the folder too!).  

Hope the week is going on great for all of you!

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