Monday, December 8, 2014

Origami Creations - Starstruck

Christmas is fast approaching and I have been starstruck for two (2) months now.  Yep, I have been secretly folding stars to use as ornaments for our christmas tree.

Here are some of the standouts.

Cool Six pointed stars
A favourite fold designed by the japanese origamist Jun Maekawa.  Encountered a slight difficulty but the result is outstandingly beautiful.

Lovely symmetry

Next one is from the lovable japanese origamist Tomoko Fuse.  The fold sequence is repetitive but quite smooth and enchanting.  This model looks impressive with back lighting.

Cool color change effect
This last model is by the famous modular origamist Carmen Sprung.  It uses six (6) square sheets of paper and be prepared for the challenge to insert the last unit to complete this cool star.

Here is the origami diagram and you may find the tutorial below: 

Happy Holidays!

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