Friday, January 9, 2015

Winter Origami Exchange Gifts 2014

My first time to join this annual cool event which is in its Third year.  It is one of the great ways to know my peers in the origami world and would surely join again next year.  For more details, check it here.  

Due to the Christmas holiday rush, I received my package in Hong Kong on the 31st of December through a delivery note from the post office.  I went to pick it up on the first work day - January 2nd, and got my gift from Mr. Ken Forman from Arkansas, USA.

Colorful package with crisp folded Yoshizawa Bird

A more closer look
It is a wonderfully folded Yoshizawa bird and a lovely note from Ken ... quite an appropriate gift of Peace for my troubled Hong Kong.  

For my part, I mailed a package to Kathy Stevick from Pennsylvania, USA.  

Photo from Kathy Stevick

Snowflake flower, Sheep and Bilingual Ori-book
I am glad she liked her gift too.  I placed them in a Santa bag and includes:

1.  folded pieces of my designs - Baby Mammoth, Mr & Mrs Santa, Heart over Heart, Muttley Dog and a new Sheep design with the ori-diagram;

2.  As she teaches origami, I included a handy bilingual All seasons origami book of simple yet timeless models;

3.  A favorite tessellation (cube) by Ralf Konrad;

4.  A traditional snowflake and a snowflake flower by David Martinez.

It was a wonderful experience and I am surely looking forward to WOE 2015.

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