Friday, December 4, 2015

Origami Creations - Modular Flowers for Kinder School

I had a special request from the boss.  She is my lovely teacher-wife who needs to have paper blooms in their classroom.

I started to make a difficult 5-piece flower unit and got bored.  So I decided to search for a more simple modular flower in youtube and was lucky to find one and added my own twist:  1.  Instead of 5 units, I reduced it to 3;  2.  Added twirls/curls.;  3. Use staples rather than glue to connect them :-).

Adorable blooms with curls

Lovely pointy center petals

Here is the video link for your reference.

Here are all the flowers I made for my wife and so delighted that she and her students like them!

Beautiful decorative flowers
Hope you like these simple flowers too!

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