Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Origami - The Queerest Bird of all

Among all the birds, the Owl is the most widely created piece in origami.  Most obviously because of its distinctive face - large eyes, sharp hooked beak and large wide rounded head. 

If  you can still remember the poem, it was called a nasty word - queer (strange) bird.


 Of all the queer birds, I ever did see,
the owl is the queerest by far for me.
for all day long, she sits on a tree,
and when the night comes, away flies she!!!

Yes, readily, a person can immediately identify a folded owl piece with its striking features.
Great Horned Owl -

To me, the owl brings happiness with its funny good looks.  Other than that, it is actually always use to promote "smartness".

I have folded my first origami owl using a Jacky HF Chan design as below.  Again, its a simple model but its like "poetry in motion" when making it.

My folded owls in my daughters' bedroom

Below is the link to Jacky's HF Chan owl origami tutorial for your enjoyment.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Easy owl origami. Made other complex owl origami which made this one e-a-s-y.


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