Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Origami Creations - Octopus from Crease Pattern (CP)

There are so many wonderful origami models to fold but mostly they are the complex (complicated) or super complex level ones.  Diagrams are not usually readily accessible but normally the origamist will openly provide the crease patterns (CP) for these models.

To me, again, it works like a puzzle that needs to be solved.  And for a CP, the challenge is levelled up.  Problems normally encountered is one is unsure where the mountains, valleys and prelim unused creases are.  A lot of guessing and trials need to be done hoping my paper will last and not tear up.

Well, this is the first CP I tried based on the Octopus model of a famous japanese origamist, Satoshi Kamiya.

And this is a photo of what I have made:

This is a first fold and has room for improvement.  Took me a day to figure it out but I admit I had to pause for many times looking at the finish model in order to achieve a satisfying piece.  I'll try again with the use of a bigger and better paper next time.

Appreciate the help from Oritube Master who gave me useful tips and links to try this model.

Overall, I am quite happy and can be proud of my achievement.

Have a nice day!

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More info here:

Crease pattern Wiki link => Here

Satoshi Kamiya website = > Here

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